Capitol Hill Day School serves elementary children from pre-kindergarten through eight grade, and is located on Capitol Hill just blocks from the United States Capitol. The school is housed in the century-old Dent Building and an adjacent townhouse also owned by the school. The structure was originally built as an elementary school and has served the CHDS well for the past 30 years with its light-filled classrooms and high ceilings. Current requirements for improved security, ADA access, energy efficiency and technology upgrades have prompted the school to pursue a renovation of this historic building. The renovation provides an enlarged entry foyer accessed from the historic main entrance with a reception desk and waiting area to control access into the building and orient visitors. A new sidewalk grade entry elevator will provide ADA access to all four floors of the building. New HVAC systems, lighting, and plumbing fixtures will improve energy and water efficiency. A science lab and new server room will provide new technologies in the classrooms. All modernizations are designed to respect the historic building and allow for its continued use as an educational facility for current and future students. The project was designed in pursuit of LEED Gold.