Repair and restoration work to the historic Dumbarton Oaks pool, pool house, pump room and pool deck included mechanical, electrical, and plumbing upgrades inside the Pool House and the wall and ceiling finishes were refreshed in the changing rooms. Energy panels were installed on the windows and the historic wood doors leading from the loggia to the changing rooms were restored. Repairs were made to the exterior stucco and limestone trim of the Poorhouse and covered ‘loggia’ facing the pool. The deteriorated terra-cotta tile on the loggia floor was replaced with custom replica tiles. Stucco and limestone repairs were also made to the surrounding site walls with colors and textures painstakingly recreated. Portions of the intricately patterned limestone pool deck were lifted up in order to install new piping for the pool gutters and to adjust the setting bed below to promote positive drainage when reinstalled. Damaged or eroded stones were replaced. The limestone pavers on the Elm Terrace, which forms the roof of the pool pump room, were lifted up in order to install waterproofing and two storm drains in order to discourage storm water from sheeting off the edge of the terrace’s concrete cornice, or leaking through to the pump room below. Repairs were made to the water damaged concrete cornice, and the pavers were reinstalled with positive drainage. All new pool equipment, new lighting and ventilation were installed in the pump room. Structural repairs were made to the existing concrete beams, which had suffered deterioration due to water infiltration.