Over some 15 years - as University funding and phasing have allowed, cox graae + spack architects developed a working relationship with staff and students to convert the aging University Main Library into a first class facility. This upgrade of the Library responds to the changed world of libraries from book repositories to flexible, collaborative, electronically driven research and learning environments, featuring expanded student amenities. Redefining a University Library having undergone piecemeal renovations since its construction in the 1970’s, the Library suffered from dated learning models, inefficient systems, and Brutalist aesthetics. As the firm’s master plan took shape, complete floors changed from dark warrens of shelves and carrels, to open reading rooms with group and individual study areas. The Library has over 9,000 visitors daily. cox graae + spack architects designed the Gelman to address special program and technical requirements for exhibit, meetings, research, conservation, and archiving, yet to fit seamlessly within the Library as a whole.