Constructed in 1821, this small Chapel is the oldest building in a continuous block of 19th century monastic and academic structures on the campus of Georgetown Visitation Preparatory School. In 1993, a devastating fire destroyed the adjacent ca. 1873 classroom building and badly damaged the Chapel. Located in the Old Georgetown Historic District, exterior work proceeded in strict accordance with applicable restoration guidelines. However, the interior diverged significantly from its original configuration in order to reflect the evolving Catholic liturgy and to encourage greater interaction between the students and the Nuns. The Chapel plan is reorganized and separated into three distinctly different but interlocking spaces: the main worship space, the Blessed Sacrament Chapel / Bell Tower and the Choir space for regular communal prayer adjecent to the Chapel. The original dark Chapel interior was stripped of its ceiling, partitions and balcony, and replaced with a single, light-filled, 28-foot-high room, reoriented to the inner cloister garden and closed to the street.