In 1821, the Society of Jesus (commonly referred to as the Jesuits) founded Gonzaga College High School. It is a part of the system of Jesuit High Schools in this country and around the world. The school’s all-male student body currently numbers 960 students, and Gonzaga seeks to academically challenge each student while encouraging their spiritual growth. In addition to its strong academic program, the school emphasizes community service outreach programs and co-curricular activities, including successful sports teams and club organizations. In 2005, Gonzaga engaged cox graae + spack architects to provide Programming, Facilities Assessment and a Master Planning/Concept Design for its existing urban campus composed of 8 buildings and a stadium totaling 805,000 sf. The initial phase developed a campus-wide electronic document quantifying the space configurations, areas and program uses of all buildings together on one site plan. The second phase involved conducting interviews to understand educational program needs. cox graae + spack architects then evaluated ways to maximize existing assets, which structures might best be replaced and where new development opportunities could be explored. Six different complementary or competing schemes were developed and priced outlining options for adaptive re-use, additions and new construction to accommodate the Fine Arts, a Media Center, Administration and Counseling Offices, multiple Gymnasiums, Parking Garages and a Campus Gateway Entrance. A new 10,000 sf Athletic Center Addition, and Performing Arts Support Building resulted.