This $86m, 285,000 sf modernization of the historic 1932 Roosevelt has suffered from a long list of deficiencies: outmoded systems; abandoned original entrance; building envelope decay due to deferred maintenance; accessibility and code violations; no central gathering place; dark and windowless spaces; and a facility still largely configured to serve an 82 year old educational model. The preservation-oriented design strategically reuses and reconfigures existing building resources wherever practical, downsizes underutilized space through removal of ill-used 1970’s additions, and sensitively inserts contemporary yet harmonious new architecture. Crucial to the design is re-establishment of the grand formal entrance and the three major campus centers - Academic, Visual & Performing Arts and Athletics - each of which can be accessed and operated independently to maximize flexibility for school and community use. The once dismal, inaccessible outdoor courtyard is transformed with a glass roof into a light-filled student commons as the central focus of the school. Organized around a schools-within-a-school approach, the academies emphasize the arts and sciences as well as specialized programs which address the unique needs of its diverse demographics including: Culinary Arts; Green Curriculum (greenhouse and gardens); Daycare Center; JROTC; behavioral, autistic and ESL Special Education; and Adult Education.